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Edsmart is a rapidly growing institute which strongly focuses on the very necessary early childhood education and professional development of a child, parent as well as organizations with a positive and strong influence on the basics of schooling and learning insights. Edsmart offers a unique opportunity for all the enthusiasts to establish excellence in the field of education and early care.

Our Professional development programs are also cautiously crafted to meet different training needs to become successful educators. We believe learning is an ongoing process and up-skilling knowledge in the field of early education.

We are assoicated with:

Edsmartedu Teachers Training



We at Edsmart have been successful with our mission of instilling confidence in our candidates and providing them with 100% placement assistance through our own partner schools and job vacancy posts on our social network.



Professional Development Courses at Edsmart are offered in two different modes of learning – online, and in class program. Candidates availing any course can choose their learning mode as per their preference/convenience.

Culture of Excellence

Our program directors and trainers carry immense experience in Early Childhood education . Most of our trainers are actively working in curriculum development process / R&D in the field of early childhood education.


We Practice before we Preach

Perhaps teaching is the most challenging job in the world. Hence, our curriculum has been repeatedly practiced upon, with an outcome of proven good results. And so, the prospectus we develop is meant to meet your requirement of delivering the latest global pedagogical practices.

Lean on and be Supportive

We understand that there is more than one method of teaching a concept. So we are always be available to receive and work on your feedback.


  • Edsmart offers both in-class and online traning franchisee.
  • Classroom training is suitable for the preschools, Private schools/colleges, coaching centers, computer centers,Tuition centers, CSC centers etc who would want to utilize their premise effectively.
  • Online training is suitable for the preschools, private schools, colleges, computer centers, Tuition centers, Placement centers,Distance learning centers. Counseling centers etc, institutes who would want to maximize their revenue.
  • Trainer Training, Trainer Manual, Student Kits, Student Assessments, Certificate will be provided by Edsmart.
  • Edsmart Partner centers will be provided all the required support to succeed.
  • Plug and Play training module, suitable for all preferences / convince.

    Classroom Franchisee model is offline training model.


    1. Training facility ( Classrooms, Infrastructure etc)

    2. Edsmart Certified Trainer

    3. Branding and advertisement for the centre

    Edsmartedu Nursery Teachers Training Franchisee

    Click Here: Edsmart Professional Development Courses


    Online Franchisee model is fully online training model.

    Suitable for:

    1. Preschools/ training institute

    2. Maximize your revenue with low cost franchisee model

    3. Minimum to no-cost operational expenses to run Teacher trainign franchisee

    Edsmartedu Online Nursery Teachers Training Franchisee

    Click Here: Edsmart Professional Development Courses


    Learning Outcome

    • In- Class and Online Nursery Teachers Training - Edsmart
    • Candidates will get a recognized certificate to teach worldwide.
    • Teachers will able well versed with the early childhood educational concepts.
    • Teachers will able to manage classroom more effectively
    • Teachers will be able to plan and execute classes in a more effective way
    • Teachers will able to postively influence young minds in their classroom interaction.


    • There will be assignments, quizes end of each module which are required to completed.
    • Assignment does include case studies, projects and creation of lesson plans.
    • Program Director will be assessing the performance and will give an overall grade at the end of the course
    • Feedback from program director will be help each candidate to plan and execute classes in a more effective way


    • 1. Edsmart teacher training program is partner-centric and student-centric model
    • 2. 6-month course duration for Diploma NTT courses and short term certification programs are also available
    • 3. Online NTT provides flexibility for students to complete the program within 12 months
    • 4. Assignment based evaluation process
    • 5. Online programs offers, No committed classroom hours, candidates can work on assignment on their convenient time
    • 6. Classroom courses will be trained by Edsmart Certified Trainer, ensuring the quality delviery of the course content

    Key advantages of Edsmart Training programs for Students:

    • 1. Well-designed content
    • 2. Opportunity grow with Edsmart Education Company
    • 3. Opportunity to become author in our online parental website
    • 4. 100 % placement assistance through our Edsmart partner schools and social media posting

    Professional Learning

    Edsmart's Professional Learning Programmesare carefully crafted to meet different training needs of a teacher to become a successful educator and educationist.

    We believe learning is an ongoing process and up scaling knowledge in the field of early education is a part and parcel of every educator’s life. Based on the different needs of training, we have designed this course to up-skill our educators and help them master upon the accurate curriculum, which they can further use on a day-to-day basis and teach better.