Senior KG Maths Book - Volume 2

Maths Senior KG /UKG/ upper Kindergarten Volume 2 book focuses on fundamental concepts required for the age group 5 to 6 years. This UKG Maths activity book emphasizes different facets of Maths like analytical thinking, reasoning skills, problem-solving skills, inference ability, numeracy, addition and subtraction etc. A child’s cognitive ability will be highly influenced by Mathematical skills which are attributed to well-designed activities in this book. All the worksheets are made stimulating to create a lot of curiosity in a child’s thinking. We pledge to provide math made easy and simple illustrated book to make it fun filling.  This UKG maths book nurtures brain development and IQ in children.

Each page contains instruction for the facilitator /parent /teacher To ensure we focus on the learning outcome refer to " What did I Learn" section on each page A section in the worksheet is provided for children to understand and rate how they enjoyed each maths activity in the book.

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