Our Preschool Solutions

Edsmart Preschool Solution provides end to end solution for starting your dream school. Edsmart experts will assist you to at each step of to set up your school. Edsmart International preschool curriculum and training will mentor you as a educator and everything you need to know about successful running of your preschool.

Edsmart Preschool solution is Non Franchisee and Non Royalty Model and we strongly believe partnering with your preschool journey.

Our academic team will hand hold you with training and on-going support to ensure smooth day to day operation of your school. You can also have flexibility opt-in for many of our supporting services on need basis.

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Growth Oriented

Edsmart Preschool Solutions are growth focused and success oriented

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Next Gen Tools

Edsmart next-gen platforms, will set your school to success

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Child First Focus

Each bit is designed keeping child as first focus

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Teacher Friendly

Learning Plans and Assessment tools are designed for teachers

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Enriched Content

Curriculum, learning plans are enriched with many videos, images and documents

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Student Portal

One stop solution for parents/students to access resource, reports and communications

Upgrade or Rebrand your existing Preschool

Edsmart Preschool Solutions provides end-to-end support and assistance in setting up your preschool. Our experience, curriculum, and products, combined with your passion for serving young children, will create a unique mix to set up and run a successful school.

Upgrading a new school brand involves 2 key phases

1. Transition and Launch Phase

2. Run Phase

Edsmart team supports you at each step to succeed in setting up your dream school.

Transition and Launch Phase

Step 1: Rename your Preschool

Edsmart team will assist you with choosing right name for your preschool

Step 2: Plan Parent Transition

Edsmart Team will assist you with parent transition to your own preschool brand and planning the communication, engagement etc

Step 3: Edsmart Curriculum

Edsmart academic team will work with you to suggest the best Edsmart curriculum option for your preschool, considering several factors related to your preschool.

Step 4: Procure Toys & Equipments (if required)

Edsmart teams will assist you to procure toys, furnitures and equipments based on curriculum, layout etc..

Step 5: Launch Your Brand

Edsmart team will help plan your launch Marketing activities

Upgrade Rebrand a your Preschool

Upgrade for Success: Run Phase


Edsmart academic team provides training at different levels for your staff including teachers and administrative staff

On-Going Branding

Edsmart teams will assist you to set up your ongoing branding requirements for admissions and lead generation

Day-to-Day Curriculum Implementation

In addition to the training hot-channel support is provided for day to day curriculum implementation, classroom management, observations etc

Parent Engagement

Edsmart teams train your staff on the parent engagement activities, handling PTMs and collecting feedback from Parent etc 

Continuous Support

Our team of experts will constantly support you with teaching strategies and assessments, and our technical teams are available for any assistance on tools and mobile apps

Running a Successfull Preschool

Next Steps

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Select your preferred Edsmart
Preschool Solution

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Sign up includes entering into license agreement to use
Edsmart Copyrighted Curriculum

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Edsmart accounts team will share the detailed plan with dates will be shared with you

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Edsmart Teams will start engaging with you this phase will include Curriculum training, ESM training and more based on the services chosen.

What Preschool Owner's Say?

Edsmart solutions provides are world class curriculum, books and support to support your school

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I started school 4 years back with national franchisee brands. There were tall promises during the sign-up process, but a few were met in 4 years. The curriculum was not at par and there was no academic support. Then we came across Edsmart, we loved their HDC curriculum and books. Support has been excellent and our parents are happy too.
Thank you Edsmart

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Little WingZ preschool

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I had 3 schools from a franchisee. I was paying a high amount of royalty and buying overly priced kits. I was always looking for a reasonable and sustainable model with No royalty without compromising on the quality.
Edsmart was a perfect fit. Their curriculum options helped to choose the best curriculum for my kids and books are of premium quality. With the same number of children, we run a profitable school now.

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Little Pandas preschool

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We enquired more than 10 franchisors to start a preschool. But everyone just talked about preschool as a business model. When we spoke to Mrs. Manasa we realized the early childhood education is more of a service, which can nurture a young child's mind. The Edsmart team has been mentoring and supporting me throughout. I recommend Edsmart to all women who want to start their preschool.

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The Rainbow International Preschool

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We have helped many schools owners to pursue their dreams of build their own school brands.