Edsmart Preschool Parents and Kids Learning Apps

Edsmart School Manager is comprehensive, state-of-art tools, detailed learning plans, reports which provide a 360-degree view of student development. The tool enables teachers to view the curriculum, week timetable ahead of time. The tool provides of the developmental plan for student as per the curriculum and also provide a rare-view-mirror view of students performance in the past.

Integrated assessments modules provide real-time growth reports, trends reports, pie charts, overall development reports, etc. this would be accessed at fingertips and enables teachers to chalk out their approach for each child.

Our Assessment apps make it easier for teachers to access and capture assessments from any device. Edsmart Edu connect app where teachers and parents are sharing the home engagement on a single platform.

All our apps are integrated into the curriculum and learning plan.

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Growth Oriented

Our tools enables the teacher, school and parents to track growth of children

best learning apps for kids

Access Anywhere

Switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

best learning apps for kids

Simple by design

Designed for simplicity and intuitive

best learning apps for kids

Teacher Friendly

Learning Plans and Assessment tools are designed for teachers

best learning apps for kids

Enriched Content

Curriculum, learning plans are enriched with many videos, images and documents

best learning apps for kids

Student Portal

One stop solution for parents/students to access resource, reports and communications

Edsmart School Manager

Edsmart School Manager is comprehensive, state-of-art tools, detailed learning plans, reports which provides 360 degree view of student development. Integrated assessments modules provides real time growth reports and trends. School and teachers are enabled with weekly time tables, learning plans, overall growth reports for each student.

The student portfolio is created to provide insights on the growth of children across measurable Key Developmental Area and Developmental Outcomes. Holistic development focus Provides each teacher to focus on the improvement area and chalk out precise plan for each child needs.

State Of Art Tool for comprehensive school managements

For Schools

Edsmart School Manager is comprehensive platform for schools , admin, teachers to assess the curriculum progress, lesson plans, curriculum, weekly timetables, material required, perform assessment, generate progress reports, trends for each student. Tool is enabled with many analytical reporting capability to asses the on-going growth of each child, taking corrective course corrective actions to make positive impact on child growth story.

For Parents

Edsmart School Manager, is also one stop solution for parents to access their child resources, timetables, communication from school and access the resources like videos, images, document etc.

Edsmart School Management Application

Mobile Applications

Edsmart Apps are carefully designed to increase the convivence for parents and teachers/admin. Mobile apps are the best learning apps for kids and easy-to-use that bring efficiency and transparency into children's development.

Edsmart parental apps like Edsmart Phonics , Edsmart Kids and Edsmart Edu Connect are created to facilitate parents to practice the concepts further and actively participate in their child's learning process.

Edsmart Edu Connect app is state of art enables parents to keep track of Home learning either as Homework or homeschooling, with access to learning plans, assessment for homework, submissions, etc… This app enables schools to communicated effectively with parents and children..

HSM Assessment app is designed to allow teachers to capture and update the assessment for children at their fingertips.

Edsmart Phonics App


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Edsmart Edu Connect App

Edsmart Edu

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Edsmart Assessment App


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Edsmart Kids App


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Edsmart Mobile Apps - for School,
for Parent and Kids Learning

Edsmart Phonics

Edsmart Phonics App, a simple, intuitive, and engaging educational app built for teachers, trainers and preschoolers.

Edsmart’s Phonics apps are recommended and used by parents, teachers, and occupational therapists worldwide!

Edsmart Edu Connect

Edsmart Edu Connect is a unique platform which connects school, teachers and parents with children being the primary focus.

Edsmart Edu Connect app is school parent app to access the pre loaded Learning Plans / Preschool Curriculum, Reports, Learning Videos and Enriched learning paths and Kids Game Resources. Child's learning style, tracking their progress based on the curriculum followed in their school or Home school programs.

Edsmart Assessment

Edsmart Assessment app is a convenient way for schools and teachers to assess their assigned students.

The app enables teacher or facilitators to assess their class students from mobile devices and from anywhere.

Edsmart Kids

Edsmart Kids is the #1 kids learning app for parents who want to change kid’s screen time into an independent learning experience.

The Edsmart Kids provides, Learning Paths for kids of 2 -6 years, along with numerous kids activities, Kids Games, Educational videos, Educational games, Tracing, Phonics and much more. The app is created by Edsmart Edu Services Pvt Ltd, A curriculum development company, company is pioneer in developing preschool curriculum and books.

Hive Parenting

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Best Kids Learning App


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My child loves playing games on Edsmart Kids app, she has learnt many concepts and as a parent I am fully informed on the learning path. I recommend Edsmart Kids app for effective learning

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Edsmart Edu Connect app provided with pre loaded curriculum and videos for learning. Its now easy to communicate to parents and keep the progress of each child tracked on this app. The app has been key for our success during COVID pandemic. Thank You

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Kids Empire Preschool, Pune

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Edsmart Edu Connect app keep us posted on the learning plans , activities and progress of my child. The videos are embedded to activities which makes learning lot easier. Observation tracker helped us to stay focused on my child's learning progress.

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