Edsmart Children's Books

The Edsmart Preschool Books design process involves industry experts across the globe, as well as many teachers and academic experts. Each educational activity developed by the team passes through the hands of experienced teacher consultants. These consultants, who are specialists in their domains, develop resources that not only are of the highest quality but also offer clear learning outcomes mapped to developmental milestones.
Edsmart Preschool Books focus on the holistic development of the child regardless of the method of teaching followed. Preschool books are designed with focuses on early literacy and cognitive, sensorial, and aesthetic development.

Edsmart Premium Preschool Books

Edsmart has published exclusive and premium preschool books for Playgroup, Nursery, and Lower (LKG) / Upper (UKG) Kindergarten sections. Our activity books offer colorful, high-quality illustrations and age-appropriate preschool activities and content. We believe that preschoolers should spend more time with their preschool books to support their holistic developmental process.
Edsmart Premium Preschool Books are carefully designed according to the Edsmart curriculum. Each activity is mapped to developmental outcomes and is colorful and age-appropriate.

Edsmart Premium Preschools books are carefully designed by Edsmart curriculum developer each activity is mapped to developmental outcomes, colorful, age-appropriate, etc.

Below are some key highlights:
1. Age-Appropriate Activities
2. High-Quality Illustrations
3. Instructions / Teacher Instructions
4. High-Quality paper
5. Colorful and Engaging for Children